Listen To a Sample of “3B3”



About DJ John Digweed

I first listened to British-born DJ John Digweed on his weekly two-hour “Transitions” show. We chatted online, then met in London. After a series of conversations with John’s studio partner, Nick Muir, the three of us came up with the idea of using narrated passages from The Traveler as the basis for an album. My voice was recorded and then electronically transformed

As well as being renowned producers in the field of electronic dance music, John Digweed and Nick Muir regularly create music for film and television -- including a feature track for the movie Trainspotting. Both John and Nick were excited about The Traveler project and enjoyed the creative challenge. The completed album has become a fan favorite and Digweed frequently plays Traveler cuts during his shows.

3B3 is the drug given to the character Michael Corrigan that triggers his first experience of crossing over into different realms. Using the theme provided by a passage in the novel, John and Nick have created a tripped-out house track the really captures and represents the mood of this moment. Listen to a sample of the track!